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My Story

I started music at a young age, shaking a tamborine behind the shadows of my older brother's band performing top 40 songs for private parties and clubs. I quickly developed a love for the stage and guitar. I later opened my own recording studio and production company as my passion for writing and creating my own music was my only agenda and to help others with the same passion.

What Inspires Me

Despite music styles and backgrounds, I am inspired by different projects and venues that lead me to work with other musicians, easily crossing culture barriers with a  seamlessly versiti  and creative sound. Life itself, inspires me and leads me to create my music with passion.

MJ Influences

My music blends acoustic melodies, with electronic Hip Hop Jazz and R&B, to create a unique and versatile sound. I write with my soul and play from my heart, hoping someone will listen and enjoy.I believe that music is the universal language of us all. It brings a sense of peace and harmony to humanity in the world. 

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